“Foremost a naval veteran, Shimon Warden is a strategist, and social entrepreneur with a unique flair for human relations and deep belief in ethics first purpose driven leadership. A Tulane alumnus with over 18 years experience in energy, technology, sustainability, social impact, and entrepreneurship he has in-depth knowledge of systems, operations and implementation.


A Thought Leader in strategic development and implementation with organizational development abilities infusing marketing, financial, technical, social and cultural perspectives. All in Volatile, High Pressure, Multicultural, Multi Industry, Disruptive Innovation, Rapid Change Environments upholding a Commitment to Excellence and Fairness.


An advocate for sustainability, social entrepreneurship, economic inclusive competitiveness and corporate social strategy. He engages with stakeholders across the spectrum- thought, industry and policy leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators, and traditional and alternative funders including private and social finance. Shimon remains dedicated to the pursuit of a purpose driven life; one of service and duty enjoying challenges and championing causes.”

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